4, 2011: 380 win real money for free facebook games million.
Form W-2G reporting your full winnings.
I won't have to pay child support!" he told the Associated Press when a reporter informed him of his wife's good fortune.
Not bad, but not exactly 320 million.A Mega Millions ticket sold in San Jose, California was determined to have the six winning numbers after a drawing Tuesday night.Four tickets in New Jersey, Maryland, sportingbet casino app Texas, and Virginia won August 31, 2007: 330 million.Steve and Carolyn West actually told the world what they did with the money after they'd spent it: People magazine reported that the Wests bought a 6,400-square-f00t home on six acres, complete with a hot tub, a pool and a 30-ft.The state has a flat.35 income tax, as well as a local option income tax.Simple Money Advice When You Hit It Big."I'm not going to fly all over the world and buy my own jet.If you plan to share your good fortune with your family, think about spreading the wealth quickly. .Since we dont know where tax rates are headed when the Bush tax cuts expire on Dec.On the off-chance you hold the winning numbers, "The first thing to do is to take a very deep breath said Pagliarini, author of "The Sudden Wealth Solution." "Research tells us that when we are under stress, our brain responsible for planning and long-term decision making shuts.
Patricia did tell one media outlet that the couple would "do some real good" with at least part of their dough. .
But no matter how big the jackpot, the advice for sudden wealth is the same: First, take a deep breath, advises CFP Robert Pagliarini.If the winner is a Detroit resident, he or she will pay a total tax bill on a 213 million lump of about 84 million, leaving about 129 million.after my story ran last March, some curious readers asked if a New York City winner could simply move to a state without an income tax before claiming his or her prize and thereby escape the hefty New York tax. .Most people playing the game will eventually lose money, only a few will gain."Winning is the beginning.

But if you collect 213 million  in 2012 and make huge contributions in later years, you may never have enough taxable income to make use of all your deductions.
Experiment : 100 Texas Lottery scratch-off, amazing 8s games costing 1 each will be purchased.
That's 218.6 million each.