bets off meaning

(2) In the double down casino cheat codes 2013 event of a race being rerun all bets are off.
(i) This phrase was originally used in betting on sports, and in particular horseracing.Or it can refer to a draw (1897 An honest judge will be compelled to decide that the race is a drawn one and all bets are off.Referring to who will win the game.Slang terms with the same root words.The bets are cancelled and people get their money back.The meaning is that not only is the bookmaker not taking any more bets, but that existing bets placed on the competition are null and void.
Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on, sep 02 2009.This sense, probably combined with one aspect of the original meaning (i.e.For our last example, where better to find unpredictability than in the economy (2010 "The only consensus is that no-one knows what casinos opening in 2017 will happen.(iv) Of course, a consequence of this is that, since the rules of the game have changed, there is a sense that "anything can happen" in that what was previously unthinkable is now entirely possible.(It can also be because the event was drawn.).A bookmaker, track or gaming table attendant may call out all bets are off, referring to bets placed or queued up to be placed on an upcoming horse race or spin of a roulette wheel.Expression, expression used when something unexpected happens, and it becomes impossible to guess the final outcome.

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