Easy gold and exp: Submitted by: eboo12345 For Da only.
Sir jings stuff: You can find sir jings stuff by going to oaklore keep and walk all the way to the left until you find a guy in a catapult and a guy who's not.
More easy coins: Now, in this cheat you must be at least lvl 17 and you need to have Shining Duo or get.
Advanced little river casino seating chart sord dager or staff uca n use at level.(level 35) (damage: 54-62 ice).Good battle strategy: Aat the beginning of a battle use sleep, then attack until they have 1 turn of sleep left.If you do it alot of times, you can even get the ingredients to make a pet.If there is a split road.If you want to check out my charecter he is a level 16 mage and his id is 3826073 Advanced CorDemi Codex: Submitted by: Cheatbook To get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins (if you have any) go to Robina in the.There are 7 stats in Dragon Fable, namely strength, intelligence, dexterity, endurance, wisdom, luck and charisma.Walk upside-down: First go to Battleon, and do the fire war quest "Battleon Burns" then do "Dragonlord's Defense".If you would like to meet your fellow players, feel free to head over to the games forums or Facebook fan page.If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar's shop in Falconreach.Keep doing the quest until you get the silver weapon you like.
The characters are very well-drawn and the same goes to its sceneries.
Its turn-based combat is very easy to pick up on and can be fun to play, but it may feel rather repetitive which eventually may turn into boredom, especially when youre requested to kill all the monsters in an area for a quest.I used the charko and highest it killed on the doomkitten was.I was curious of it and i just did it then it worked!The driller has slightly more health and does more damage but its worth.Then go down to challenge.

Dashing to the scene with your sword drawn, you saw a man by the name of Drakath and his Darkwolf bandits are attacking a priestess and her red Moglin, Twilly.
This can be done about ten times.
If you have a strong weapon, go to Willowshire.