To their credit Southmead, who were on the ropes, fought back to score their own try through their forwards 5-19.
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Under new specification rules, this could no longer be done.Here you can see the oil contamination on the shoes.When the rifle goes to the proof house, an inspector would have to inspect the weapon and make sure the weapon is incapable of firing any missile, bullet or any other object from its barrel and that all the major functional parts have been rendered.Once that's out, then the fun begins with the spring and washer retainers.To avoid any rattle in the shoe adjustment assembly.I used my oil filter pliers as they open very wide and grip well.Remove your axle stand and lower the vehicle off the jack, then torque the wheel nuts to 140 NM or 103 LBS ft and your done!
Under the washer / spacer is a fiber washer, use a small tool to dig this ain a new one will be required!
This again has 2 bolts, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.
Said Andy Deacon, DoR: This final score has kept us at the top of the congested Gloucester 1 table.To make it easy to get the drum off, undo the handbrake adjuster bolt several turns to wind the internal shoes in together.Check the rubber boots on the sliders are in good condition and the sliders move in and out freely.The second half continued in much the same vein with a short period of the visitors coming into their own and scoring two tries (whilst down to 14 men).A proof house is a place where barrels and weapon parts get tested under firing conditions making sure the weapon does not blow up and functions correctly.Now your ready to refit the new discs and pads.To aid getting of the passenger side, I needed to rotate the disc to hit it all the way around as it's only images of play money old exposed a little because of the mud shield.Below is the carrier assy, pads and disc re-installed.Note the only bit you need to discard is the adjuster bolt, everything else is re-used including the top spring and plate, and hand brake lever, this has to be swapped over to the new shoes as it does not come with the kit.

If you lost more oil when the seal is removed, then check the level in the transfer box as per transfer box oil replacement, hopefully no more leaks and a better working handbrake!
Are there certificates for deactivated weapons?
To win rugby games the platform must be solid, and our scrum and lineout functioned efficiently throughout the game, with the Ciren front row of Sean Beech, Scott Cannon, and Darren Stephens playing their part in this resounding victory.