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Player to score first touchdown?
Hand them out at game time with some pens.Fill them in with numbers 0-9 (yes, include 0).If you havent, you just need a poster board, a magic marker, a ruler, and bingo acworth ga basic math skills.This keeps it random, and allows everyone to have an equal, random chance of winning.People who may not have been interested in the game become interested when theres a chance that one of their squares might win!I las vegas online casino wiki hope you avoid the 9!MVP Hat Draw, for those who still need more party action, you can also do an MVP draw.The total pot will be 100 if you fill up the board.Multiple people will inevitably not bring them, so be prepared to change people out.The last one holding the cup takes the pot.
Come on back after the Super Bowl and Id love to help you become a millionaire elements casino poker room with all your Super Bowl winnings!Super Bowl Trivia page and put together some simple questions.The person holding the cup says, for example, Touch Down.For further information, please contact customer service at or write to Sports Illustrated Customer Service Attention: Consumer Affairs 3000 University Center Drive Tampa,.Or, when your favorite player cant get a first down!Rubber-tipped Dart Guns, to Play, shoot the darts at the TV when the team you bet on to win loses.

Have someone pick them out one by one.